Securing Your Home While Away On Vacation

Taking your dream vacation poses its own list of stressors without adding the worry of keeping your home safe while you are away. You want the ability to leave your house with a peaceful mind, and we all deserve that assurance.

If you are not quite sure where to begin in terms of home protection, then you have come to the right place. Begin your journey here, and check out these helpful tips towards securing your home while away on vacation.

Consider enlisting a house sitter

As the end of Fall approaches, you have probably put a lot of love into creating a warm home environment for the speedily approaching holiday season. The worst thing would be to have it all ruined by a home intrusion.

To keep your home’s warm environment flourishing while you are away, try enlisting the help of a house sitter. A trusted person to stay in your home while you travel can offer a peace of mind like no other trouble deterrent.

Install a home security system

Home security has come a long way in the last ten years. Installing a home security system in your home includes much more than a terrible loud alarm that sounds upon intrusion. Technology links your home’s status directly to a 24 hour help line and to your smartphone.

You have more control over your home from afar than has ever been possible. You can turn your lights on and off and even change your curtain or blind settings.

Tell the post office to hold your mail

A basic necessity of home safety is the mail. Even if you are only leaving home for a few days, the mail could pile up. A pile of untouched mail is a clear sign of vacancy to thieves.

It does not take much time to set up a mail hold with your local post office. You can request a hold on location or over the internet. It is worth the peace of mind to have your mail held whilst away.

Avoid blasting your vacation plans on social media

Social media is an easy way for home intruders to check and see if you are at home. If you are leaving your house (no matter how long), then you should avoid posting that information on social media.

Wait until you return from your vacation to post exciting new pictures and home videos. It is not that you cannot share your experiences, just wait until you are home to do so.

Tell the right people about your absence

Avoid telling too many people about your plans to travel, but tell the right people. Trusted neighbors and family members should know of your planned absence. They can keep an eye on your home while you are away.