Are You Paying Too Much for Too Little? Finding Hotels That Deliver a Great Experience for a Great Rate

Getting value for money is something we should all be striving to achieve and it feels good when you manage to secure a deal that gives you a lot of reward for the least amount of financial outlay.

A prime example would be securing a great rate at a hotel where you would normally expect to pay much more, especially when you consider the surroundings and the facilities you are going to be experiencing when you stay there.

Here are some pointers on how to find some awesome hotels that deliver a great guest experience without paying a premium price.

Setting some ground rules

A good starting point when you are searching for a top hotel deal is to set some parameters so you can narrow down your search from the beginning and focus your attention more accurately on suitable choices.

The most obvious deciding factor that will influence your search options is budget.

If money is not a major consideration you can trawl your way through loads of high-end hotels and see if you can pick out the one that ticks the most boxes in terms of location and amenities you are looking for.

For many of us, budget is relevant.

Sort out how much you can afford and are prepared to spend on your hotel stay and then use that as the guide to see what sort of quality and star rating you can squeeze out of what money you have available.

Comparing prices

There is no specific strategy or tactic that guarantees you the best result each time when you are searching.

For example, you might scroll through a list of hotels using an online booking or Travel Management App and find a good deal, or you can discover that going direct to the hotel might yield a better result.

It is worth remembering that most hotels will be paying a commission if they are getting your booking through a booking site, but they could be more flexible on price and quality of accommodation if you book with them direct.

If you want to stay in a top hotel like the Marriott Hotel Al Jaddaf, for example, it is always worth seeing if you can negotiate a great rate directly, and even get to choose your room with more precision than if you take what is offered via an online booking.

Pay for what you want

Another great way of getting the best value for money is to consider all the amenities and options being offered by the hotel and whether you intend to make use of them or not.

There is no point paying a premium for access to a spa and other facilities if you don’t intend to use them during your stay.

If all you want is a great room that is comfortable and is in a hotel that is close to where you would like to be, filter out options that don’t interest you and hone in on any hotel that matches your specific requirements.

You don’t have to end up paying too much for too little, it just requires a bit of strategic thinking and using a few proven tactics to secure the best possible deal.