3 Tips for Planning A Trip To The Smoky Mountains

There are some places in the U.S. that you’ve got to see at least once in your life. For many people, the Great Smoky Mountains is one of those places. This national park is a great place for you and your loved ones to get in touch with nature and see some amazing sights along the way. But if you’ve never been to this area, you might be unsure of the best way to plan your trip or what things to set as your priorities. So to help with this, here are three tips for planning a trip to the Smoky Mountains.

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What it Really Means to be Good to Yourself

There are so many different ways to say “I love you,” many of which we take for granted and perhaps aren’t even aware of because they’ve become clichéd, somewhat. “Drive safe”, “have a safe trip”, “call me when you arrive”, “are you crazy?”, “take really good care of yourself / be good to yourself…” – these are all some ways to say “I love you” we would appreciate more if we were more aware of the deeper manifestation of what love really is.

I’d like to focus on the bit about being good to yourself, something which I truly believe can only be a good thing since my mother always says it to me. You should always trust your mother, shouldn’t you?

What does it actually mean to be good to yourself, especially if it comes from someone like mum?

Taking care of the basics

The ultimate love is that of a mother so you should probably take a leaf out of your mother’s book when taking care of yourself. How did she take care of you? What are the basic things she did for you? You very quickly learn just how much of a chore this can be once you actually have to remember to do the basics for yourself.

Sharing is caring

Spread the love – it feels just as good to be good to others as it is to be good to yourself. After all, many of life’s simplest but greatest pleasures are best enjoyed and enhanced when you have someone to share them with.

Relaxing, unwinding and recharging

We live in a time when we’re pretty much under pressure to be on the go all the time, which is why it’s important to take some time to yourself, relax, unwind and recharge your batteries. Don’t wait until fatigue sets in for you to get the much-needed rest your body and mind will appreciate. Rather make some time to take some time out, even if it means enjoying a nice nap on the couch. 

Getting enough exercise

While resting is important, be sure to maintain an active lifestyle. Regular workouts will boost your mood and energy levels. Start by investing in the right clothing and equipment, or alternatively get a gym membership. Check out www.getbraadvice.com for some advice on which sports bra to invest in to make your workout easier.

Having fun

Don’t fall victim to the trappings of the media and other channels whose sole purpose is really just to get you to spend money. Find some things to do which you really enjoy and simply do them to fill up your soul with!

Counting your blessings

Once you start counting your blessings you’ll realise that you probably have so much to be thankful for, no matter what your circumstances are. The mere fact that you are able to read this blog and this post suggests that there are so many things in your life which are going right, so stop to take it all in and be grateful.

Rewarding and spoiling yourself

You know those birthday gift baskets for mom? How about buying yourself one of those as a reward for all the hard work you put into just being human? It’s important to spoil and reward yourself in this way as part of what it means to be good to yourself. This is a particularly inexpensive way of doing so, so you won’t feel guilty in any way.

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Top 5 Chinatowns in Australia and Beyond

One of the most exciting things about the dozens of Chinatowns that dot the globe is that every single one offers something new and exciting. In Toronto you can enjoy the annual Toronto Dragon Boat Race, in Manila you can try the famous bull testicle soup, and in Melbourne you can appreciate the long history of the Chinese on the Western side of our world. Read more

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3 Tips For A Less Stressful TSA Experience At The Airport

While you and your travel companions are likely ecstatic about your upcoming adventure, the one thing you might not be over the moon about is actually getting to your final destination. Although some people love airports and flying and everything that has to do with the whole traveling experience, most people find getting to and through the airport to be a real hassle. And with the strict security measures that are always in force, you might be feeling like it’s just a matter of time before your TSA experience becomes the downfall of you. Luckily, there are things you can do to minimize the chances of you having a bad encounter at this juncture of your travels. To show you how you can do this, here are three tips for a less stressful TSA experience at the airport.


Book Your Flights Strategically

One of the biggest reasons that people feel a lot of stress about going through security at the airport is because they never know how long it’s going to take. If the lines at security are long, you could be standing there for an hour or more before you’re even able to make it to your gate. And if you didn’t give yourself much wiggle room when it comes to time, this could be a major stressor for you. Because of this, Nick Trend and Natalie Paris, contributors to The Telegraph, advise that you plan your flights strategically. If at all possible, try not to fly on the weekends, as that’s when more people fly and cause longer security lines. Also, it you can book a flight during the daytime hours of the week, you’ll likely be dealing with much shorter lines and much cheaper prices as well.


Prepare For Security While Packing

To have the smoothest possible time going through security, you should be preparing for this from the time you start packing. While you might be tempted to just throw all your stuff haphazardly into your suitcase when you’ll be spending time on the road, being a little more strategic may prove to be very beneficial to you. According to Dr. Jack Schafer, a contributor to Psychology Today, you should try to pack the things you’ll be needing or having to take out near the top of your suitcase. This includes things like liquids, your identifications, and electronics.


Consider TSA Precheck

One way you can make the whole airport security process much easier on yourself is by using the services offered with TSA Precheck. According to the Transportation Security Administration, Precheck allows you to keep a lot of your items on that you otherwise are required to take off when you go through security. Also, the lines for this group of people are usually much shorter, allowing you to get to your gate much quicker. While this does cost you some additional money each year, it might be worth it if security normally stresses you out.

To have an easier go at the airport next time, consider using the tips mentioned above so you can breeze through security.

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Why Is It Important to Try New Things When Travelling?

Travelling itself has a number of fantastic benefits to consider, but when you add in the fact that you can try many different new and exciting activities or experiences, it just gets even better. Stepping outside of your comfort zone isn’t always something that some people are happy to do, but there are so many advantages to trying, that it’s well worth it.

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Bringing Back the True Spirit of Humanity

While the beauty of nature as it exists in its currently evolutionary phase is indeed contributed to by what can be the real cruelty of natural selection, the fact that our most-developed organ as the human species is our brain probably means that we can get it right by way of doing things differently to the rest of the animals. Can you imagine men having to fight it out to the death in order to win mating rights for example? Read more

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