Choosing the Best Shampoo and Conditioner for Your Hair

A good professional shampoo and conditioner can be difficult to find. Shampoo companies are almost as numerous as cosmetic companies, and each one has its own formula for addressing the problems that different hair types have. Based on popular and professional reviews, we formulated a list of nutrient-rich shampoos and conditions for all hair textures: from fine and straight to thick and curly. Because every person’s hair is different, we’ve divided the shampoos into two categories – hair care for normal and dry hair, and specialized hair care for damaged, thin, or extra hair.

For extremely dry hair, it’s best to use a shampoo and conditioner product that uses enzymes to break down the keratin in your hair. keratin is the protein that makes up your hair’s fiber and is what determines how thick and shiny your locks are. Hair that has too much keratin is more prone to breakage, and can even lose its natural color. One of the best formulas for treating dry hair is a formula developed by Keratin Complex, a company that makes shampoos, conditioners, and other skin care products. Their Best Conditioner and Best Shampoo for extremely dry hair formula contains the innovative keratin complex keratin concentrate and an array of vitamins, minerals, and other plant-based ingredients that will help your hair to retain its moisture and get stronger.

For hair types that have built-up grease or oils, it’s important to use a shampoo and conditioner that is designed to dissolve excess oil and dirt before it reaches the follicle. Oily shampoo products tend to strip away the natural oils from your scalp has, which can lead to further dryness and breakage. There are a few shampoo formulas available that are particularly good at removing built-up grease and oil, but they tend to be fairly harsh on the hair, so using a milder formula may be better. Keratin Complex’s Best Conditioner and Best Shampoo for extremely dry hair formula contains a unique blend of keratin proteins and other plant-based ingredients that are designed to gently lift excess oils, break down dirt and debris, and moisturize your hair while simultaneously lifting dirt and grime from the roots. The result is significantly less greasy build-up and more durable hair that feel stronger and have a natural shine.

Hair with curls tends to have the roughest texture and can benefit from shampoo and conditioner that leaves less to the wind and more to silky smoothness. There are a few different formulas out there that can really improve the look and feel of naturally curly hair. For naturally curly hair that is prone to frizz, lightweight conditioner that lacks silicone can help reduce frizz, and keratin complex that features vitamin E and other plant-based ingredients can make hair feel much smoother and shinier. If your hair is extremely curly with coils, you could do some research to understand what it’s like using black hair products as a white person so that you may choose your products better. In addition to using the best shampoo and conditioner for your particular type of curl, you may also want to consider a leave-in conditioner after shampooing to lock in moisture. Keratin Complex’s Refinish & Protect Shampoo and Keratin Complex Conditioner offer this same protection, without leaving a heavy residue behind.

If your hair is particularly textured or is prone to “frizzies,” you may want to use a leave in conditioner after shampooing. Even though it is recommended to shampoo before conditioner, many people do not do this and end up with tangles that are very hard to get out. A textured strand will need the assistance of a leave in conditioner to properly separate from the rest of your hair. You can achieve this separation by using either your fingers or a towel and then rinsing with more than just one rinse. After washing and conditioning, always use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, as these will help cleanse hair thoroughly and protect it from the harsh chemicals contained in many shampoos.

Once you have shampooed and conditioned, you may still have some oily residue leftover from your shampoo. An olive oil rinse will gently dissolve this residue, leaving hair looking and feeling great. If you are concerned about leaving hair shiny and full of body, you may also use a blow dry to get the best results. However, an olive oil rinse will give you the cleanest and most shiny results possible. By keeping a steady moisture level and providing the necessary protective moisture, you will be able to maximize the healthy benefits of your shampoo and Conditioner, and will find your hair has much more bounce than it has had with other lesser products.