How To Find the Perfect Investment Property

Diversifying your portfolio of assets and investing is always a great idea to improve your long term financial position. As a result of this, finding investment properties is always a great idea for savvy entrepreneurs. Whether you’re looking for real estate in Vancouver or Los Angeles, there are ways to ensure that you can lock up the best investment properties. These methods will allow you to secure great investment properties, opening up new sources of income to you and greatly improving your financial standing. Here’s how to find the perfect investment properties. 

Secure Yourself Financially

Before you can start investing in properties, you need to be able to secure yourself financially. Doing so means eliminating any forms of debt that you may have, such as student loans or car payments. While this may seem like basic advice, you’d be surprised at how many people jump into the world of real estate investments without first securing themselves financially. Not paying off other forms of debt before making such a big investment makes the investment all the riskier, and opens yourself up to even more financial damage should the investment flop. It’s always worth getting as much information as you can to try and manage your finances – as you’ll see here, companies like SoFi can offer a lot of advice and open your eyes to options you might not have considered. 

You also need to consider how you’re going to finance your investment too. Do you have savings that will allow you to buy a property? Are you going to ask the bank for a mortgage loan? Or are you going to take advantage of the 1031 tax deferred exchange? Whatever you choose, be sure you have a well-thought-out plan to ensure you don’t waste your investment.

Decide on an Area

After you’ve gotten yourself secured financially and are ready to move onto the next step, it’s time to decide on an area. You don’t want to buy an investment property in an area that is hemorrhaging value, so be sure to do your research. You want to ensure that you purchase a property in an area that is on the upswing. Areas with a growing population, or areas that have a growing economy are usually safe bets. The area of your investment property is critical to its success, so it’s absolutely vital that you choose wisely. 

Think About Tenants

Another important aspect of finding an investment property is determining what type of tenants you’ll want to rent to. Choosing a certain group of people will narrow your options down and will steer you towards a particular type of housing. You want to ensure that your investment property and ideal tenants match, because if you don’t you’ll have a hard time actually profiting off of the property. For example, you don’t want to buy a high-end investment property if you plan on renting to college students, as they likely won’t be able to afford your rent and will cause you to lose profits. Matching the property you purchase to your ideal tenants is a key part of finding the perfect investment property for you. 

Lock Down Funding

When buying an investment property, you’re likely going to need to secure funding in the form of a mortgage. Mortgages typically require a down payment, so that’s something that you’ll need to ensure that you have. In addition, it may be beneficial for you to secure a pre-approved mortgage. Pre-approved mortgages can prevent a lot of the hassle that comes with closing on a home. In addition, having a pre-approved mortgage provides you with a set amount of money to work with, giving you a better idea of what properties to look for. Finally, having a pre-approved mortgage can make your offer seem much more attractive, as the seller knows that your mortgage is already secure and there is little chance of disruption.