Foodie – Party Ideas

Are you looking forward to hosting a BBQ with all your friends? Then you certainly will need a BBQ theme for the party. You can choose from different food drink and beverage themes to make your party a hit among all your guests. A BBQ food drink theme can easily be chosen by you, based on the following:

* Pizza Theme: If you are going to have a BBQ pizza party, then it will look neat and attractive with the help of beautiful table settings. The food that you serve on the table can make a unique and appealing theme for the party. You can decorate the pizza table with different types of pizza tools and sauce. The red sauce will look great along with the marinara and the tomato sauce can go perfectly with the mozzarella cheese. The different toppings will make your guests feel lively and their energy levels will rise.

* Mexican Theme: Food and drinks that are served in Mexico will look really good with the Mexican flair. Based on Mexican culture, Mexican food is naturally spicy and this makes it perfect for the food and drink theme. You can use cactus torches to create a natural and authentic feel to the entire environment. The red and green colors will give an authentic impression to the guests.

* Asian Theme:Japanese food is also famous for its spiciness. Therefore, if you are going to have Asian-inspired food and drinks at the party, it will be absolutely great. You can order takeout of sushis, miso soups, and yakitoris from your nearest sushi restaurant. To align more with the theme of the party, you can use bamboo skewers and chopsticks to serve your food. You can also get decorative sushi mats for serving sake and other Japanese candies.

Nevertheless, if you do not want to serve your guests ready-made Japanese food, you can try your hands at cooking it with them. Either way, it’s going to be fun. To get hold of authentic Japanese food, you might want to check out Sacramento Japanese Food if you are based in and around Sacramento or similar other websites that deliver at your location.

* Fruit Theme: It has been noticed that fruit juices can provide a very unique theme. Based on the legend, the first human being created by god is a berry. As we all know, berry fruits are fresh and sweet. Therefore, you can serve fresh berries like strawberries or blueberries at the party. Strawberries and blueberries can go well with tropical juices.

* Wine Theme: Wine parties are always a favorite among people. If you want to create a wine theme at your food drink party, you can have wine tasting session at your venue. Your guests will surely love this idea. Afterward, everybody will be very happy because they tasted something different from their regular drinking habits.