How To Plan For A RTW Trip

To take a successful tour of the world, you should have a comprehensive plan as well as an effective budget. It is very important to have prior knowledge of your destinations in order to come up with reasonable cost estimates. It is also important to secure your insurance and other financial affairs at home before going for your trip.


 Plan for your journey

Choose the countries you want to go to basing on factual information about those countries. After selecting the countries, plan for your itinerary, deciding how you are going to move from one country to another.You should also decide the amount of time you want to spend in each of your selected countries.

You should base your decisions on a number of factors, including the cost of living in each of the countries. You should also consider the security situation as well as the number of attractions in each country.Decide whether you will subscribe to a round-the–world ticket, which usually offers a fixed set of destinations. Alternatively, you can opt for more flexibility by simply buying one-way tickets to each of your selected countries.
Funding your trip

You’re going to have to save like you’ve never saved before – stop wasting on money for the sake of it and get money savvy.

  • Choose a suitable source of funding for your trip. Some of the options include borrowing from banks and other financial institutions. You might also rent your residential house for the period that you will be travelling to ensure that you will be earning some money during that time.
  • Another way of earning some cash on your trip would be to look for some part-time employment in your selected countries depending on your profession.
  • You can also consult your employer about the option of working remotely from the various countries you will be touring. But you should first make sure that your employer offers such options.
  • You might also want to consider working as a volunteer in your host countries. Volunteer work programs usually offer benefits such as transport allowances, accommodation and meals. This can greatly reduce the cost of your tour.
  • Clear out your cupboards – you won’t find Narnia in your old wardrobe, but you might find something to sell. Clothes, old PCs or music players and DVDs can all be sold for cash online, so decide what you can live without and get rid of it!

Leave everything in order

· Since you will have to be maintaining your house, you should arrange for all the necessary bills to be footed on time even while you are on trip. You should also cancel all the subscriptions that you won’t need.

· Make sure that all your mails are forwarded to the country you will be travelling to. If anything important comes up while you are away, you should always know about it.

· Make sure that you are informed about how to secure a passport as well as the travel Visas in the countries you will be visiting.

· Arrange with your bank to ensure that you will be able to make transactions in those foreign countries.

· Lastly, inform your friends and relatives about your plans and make sure that they know where you are going.

Finalize your preparations

· Go through all the necessary vaccinations four to six weeks before setting off. It is important that you know about the required vaccinations in the countries you will be visiting. Some of the immunizations include mumps, measles polio, and hepatitis.

· You should also go for medical check up to make sure that you are in good health before leaving.

· Take a medical traveler’s insurance to secure you in case of any health issues during your trip.

· Come up with a budget for daily expenses in order to avoid overspending.

· Lastly, don’t pack too many things on your trip. Stick to the essentials. And make sure your family has a way of contacting you in case of an emergency.