What Shoes To Wear On The Summer Festival Circuit

With our closest friends, a tent and some tasty drinks in tow, this summer’s festivals have given us weekends jam-packed with fun. What’s not been fun, however, is being unprepared for all weather eventualities – FYI, it’s no fun getting your white Converse caked in mud on the first day!

British weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, but so far, this summer has brought us welcome heatwaves, muggy storms and plenty of chillier, cloudy days. Whatever the weather, don’t let your choice of steppers bring down your mood at the final few festivals of the summer season. All lessons learned, here are 5 footwear options for the last weeks of festival season…

1. For A Classic, Practical Look – Wellies

Wellies and British festivals go hand-in-hand, and Hunter wellies remained the most popular choice for the big fests like Glastonbury and T In The Park. Joules are also a great choice for wellies. If they’re good enough for Millie Mackintosh, they’re good enough for us!

It’s so easy to make wellies a style statement of their own with the right outfit – mix-up feminine textures and boyish shapes with a lace top, shorts and a parka, or channel Kate Moss with a tunic-length knit and classic, forest green wellies.

  1. For Guaranteed Sunshine – Sandals

For European festivals such as Melt!, Benicassim and Echo, sunshine is pretty much a given, which gives you the chance to show off those gorgeous new sandals! For the UK, only pack your sandals if you’re guaranteed of dry, warm weather, and if you’re not planning on hitting the mosh pit at 10pm. They’re the perfect choice to add femininity – pair together jeans, a simple vest top and your favourite leather jacket for a girly and edgy outfit.

3. For Sartorial Stomping – Ankle Boots

Ankle boots are another classic festival footwear choice, but it’s all about bringing it up to speed with current trends. The on-trend shape changes every festival season, and in 2013, toned-down, ankle combat and cut-out boots have been making a big impact on our homegrown fields as well as stateside. Choose a cut-out style with buckles and pair with a floral summer dress to mix it up, or pick a pair of ankle combats (think hiking, not army) and dress them up with high-waisted shorts and a bright top.

  1. For Punking It Up – Converse

Converse are the ultimate in classic kicks – comfortable, nearly practical and go-with-everything, Converse are the perfect pick for a laid-back look. Even better, your scruffed-up pair suggests years of festival attendance, and will fit right in with the don’t-care vibes, so no need to go out and buy a new pair!

5. For Extra Height And Extra Fashion Points – Flatforms

Flatforms returned to the fashion scene in 2012, and have evolved in style throughout the year. In 2013, flatform trainers remain a popular choice and style statement for their ability to add height (perfect for times when you can’t quite see the band!) and even improve your posture! Add your flatforms to a bodycon skirt and relaxed, knitted sweater ensemble. Pile on the accessories and prepare to party through the night, sans uncomfortable grumbles.

Which shoes will you be wearing for the final few festivals this summer?