The MUST HAVE travel items for every woman

To the fashionistas strutting their stuff to the everyday mom simply trying to look and feel her best on the go or on vacation, there are several items that every woman should have in their suitcase to ensure they have the perfect key essentials for any event when abroad or on vacation.


1. Sports bra- First and foremost, wearing and having a supportive sports bra is a necessity for women everywhere, no matter their bust size.

2. Printed Scarf- A printed or bright colored scarf can add a touch of style and mood to any simple tank, tee, or even dress.

3. Little black dress- Every woman knows the power of that little black dress. It can be dressed up, dressed down, you name it. This is by far one of the most versatile staple pieces every woman should have in her closet.

4. Fitted blazer- A fitted blazer can add a touch of style to any outfit and is perfect for every body type. Tip: be sure to find a blazer that is fitted!

5. A perfectly fitted pair of jeans- Many women live in jeansande who still have that pair of perfectns that behisle irgut wmith the right top and sexy heels.

6. Bright color pair of flats- A pair of bri out ght coorflats can brighten up a casual or dressy outfit with a touch of color, red is a perfect color that world for summer, winter, and fall.

7. Push up bra- A girl has to always make sure her “girls” look best, especially for that special occasion. A well fitted push-up bra will most definitely be found in every woman’s underwear drawer.

8. Casual t-shirt- A comfortable boyfriend style t-shirt is another staple piece that can be dressed up with a necklace and heals or dressed down with a pair of flip flops and cut offs.

9. Comfortable but sexy heel- Heels elongate the legs, which make every woman appear thinner and more svelte. Finding a pair that is comfortable but still sexy will ensure for a few head turns.

10. Statement jewelry: Just like the scarf, these little pieces can add class and glamour to even the simplest outfit. Throw on a gorgeous gold chunky necklace with a pair of jeans, vintage graphic tee and flats and you have yourself a high fashion outfit on your hands.