Why Is It Important to Try New Things When Travelling?

Travelling itself has a number of fantastic benefits to consider, but when you add in the fact that you can try many different new and exciting activities or experiences, it just gets even better. Stepping outside of your comfort zone isn’t always something that some people are happy to do, but there are so many advantages to trying, that it’s well worth it.

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4 Excellent Camping Options

Lots of people enjoy camping while they’re traveling. But camping doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. People have many different conceptions of the activity, and that’s why you should discuss what everyone’s expectations are, with all of your traveling party, before you leave.

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Make Your Friends Jealous By Taking Your Scratch Off Map With You

Do you often find yourself arguing with your friends on who has got the best scratch off map? Do you often wish that you did not have to part with your beloved travel map and could somehow take it with you when you set off on your globetrotting? Is leaving behind your scratch map rather than leaving the comfort of your home your biggest regret every time you go on a trip? If this is you, then Luckies of London are back with the perfect map of the world for you. Read more

3 Tips for Traveling To A Destination Wedding

If you get invited to a destination wedding, you may be unsure about how the etiquette for these events is different from those of a traditional wedding. Because there’s a little more involved with a destination wedding, you want to be sure that you follow all the best practices to ensure that the wedding party has the event they dreamed of. To help you do this, here are three tips for traveling to a destination wedding. Read more

3 Ways to Get The Most Out Of Your Destination Wedding

While the idea of having a destination wedding sounds incredibly enticing, some may fear all that they think a destination wedding entails. From finances to vendors and all the other typical wedding planning, you may be worried that you’ll spend the majority of your time stressing about your destination wedding rather than enjoying it. So to help ensure that you have an amazing time celebrating your love with all of your other loved ones, here are three ways you can be sure you get the most out of your destination wedding. Read more

The Dos and Don’ts of Driving Cars Abroad

Traveling can be a rejuvenating and wonderful experience. With airlines able to take people all across the globe, the world has never seemed so accessible and open. Sometimes we take all that openness for granted and forget to check on things we would normally remember. One such example is driving and renting cars abroad. Too often, its only when a traveler reaches his destination that he realizes the requirements needed to drive and rent cars abroad.

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