Taking a Look at Pune and Why It’s a Great Destination

Finding a destination to suit your needs can be challenging, especially with so many places to choose from. However, Pune is known for being one of the most interesting cities in India with many choosing it as their destination every year. Here are a few reasons why Pune is so popular.

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Small but Sweet

What makes Pune differ from many of the cities is India is its small size. This makes transport and accessibility much easier, giving you the freedom to explore all the city and take in everything Pune has to offer with ease. There are several hotels in the city that can suit all budgets so make sure to visit websites such as Yatra.com to compare and book hotels in Pune.

Moderate Climate

Unlike other cities in India that can be either too cold or too hot for tourists, Pune is known for its moderate climate all year round. This means that you can visit the city no matter the time of year, however be prepared for the weather as it is known to be usually breezy and cool. The climate also means you can visit attractions and landmarks without the worry of high humidity.

The Cuisine

There are many different food options to try out when you are in Pune. There are a variety of restaurants and eateries around the city that cater to all budgets, ensuring you will find something suitable for you. Make sure that you visit the restaurant hubs of the city, including Banner and Koregaon Park, where you will find a vast selection of foods to try out.

Shop ‘til You Drop

Many tourists choose Pune because of its vast amount of shopping choices. Regardless of whether you plan to stick to a budget or revel in luxury, Pune has several malls across the city, featuring recognizable brands and high-end clothing. Popular shopping destinations include Phoenix Market City and Seasons Mall, which cater to high end shopping. There are also street markets that sell locally made clothing, meaning there are more than enough options for you when it comes to finding somewhere to shop in Pune.

Peaceful and Green

Known as the second greenest capital of India, Pune is covered in green trees and parks that make it one of the most peaceful cities in the country. The city is kept clean and well maintained, making it a respectful city and enabling you to see Pune in its best state. Many of the locals relocate to Pune to retire because of its peaceful and relaxing environment. Also, as the city has a smaller population than other cities, this means there is less traffic on the roads, making it easier for you to get about.

If you would like more information on what makes Pune so popular to visit, make sure that you conduct as much research as possible beforehand, so you can gain a good insight into the places to visit and get all the information you need.