Make Your Friends Jealous By Taking Your Scratch Off Map With You

Do you often find yourself arguing with your friends on who has got the best scratch off map? Do you often wish that you did not have to part with your beloved travel map and could somehow take it with you when you set off on your globetrotting? Is leaving behind your scratch map rather than leaving the comfort of your home your biggest regret every time you go on a trip? If this is you, then Luckies of London are back with the perfect map of the world for you.

Take This Scratch Map With You Everywhere You Go: The inventors of scratch off maps, Luckies of London, understood that for some loyalist, it will be hard to leave their travel maps behind. That is why in another moment of brilliancy, they have come up with the perfect travel map, Scratch Map Travel. With its size of 42 x 29.7 cm, this scratch map can easily fit in your backpack or your suitcase thanks to the study gift tube and will always be with you. Don’t blame us if you friends eye you with jealousy on your trip together.

  • Scratch TheGold Foil:Gold foil covers the top of the countries on this white glossy background travel map. Scratching the gold foil off with a coin or any metal object, you will uncover vibrant colours decorating the countries of the world below.
  • Major Cities & State Lines:Just because it is small in size, that in no way means it is an incomplete travel map. All the major cities from around the world including capital cities are marked on this scratch off map, visible once you take the top foil off. USA, Australia and Canada are demarcated with boundary lines for a more accurate representation of your globetrotting.
  • Mark Your Favourite Places: Turn the map over and you will find not only a map to plot your next trip but can also jot down your top five most favourite places on the trip. You also have space to write down the most loved music track.
  • Choose Your Mode of Transport:When you go on a trip, you encounter various means of transport from train to ferries to cycles. Use the handy checklist on the back of this travel map to mark what things you used to get around in your trip to remember them. 

Summary: Scratch Map Travel can come with you on your traveling adventures all safe and protected in its own gift tube.

Author Bio: Drew Flair owns her own clothing brand where she make clothes from materials found from all over the world.