4 Tips For Going To Nepal

Nepal can call a lot of travelers because of its enchanting history and captivating scenery.   In addition to it having a rich culture and incredible sights to behold, trekking in Nepal is something which draws a lot of people.

Although it may be tempting to dive straight into the Nepal experience and assume that you know what you’re doing without any preparation, make sure that you do your homework first.  When it comes to the best tips for your trip to Nepal, here are some of the most useful to help guide you along your way.

Don’t Hike Alone

One of the most dangerous mistakes that tourists in Nepal can make is going trekking without a guide.  The terrain and elevation are incredibly dangerous if you aren’t properly trained and know how to handle any variables in that environment.

Trekking pro’s know that you should always go with a group or guide.  When you’re in an environment which could potentially put you in harm’s way any moment, you need a team behind you to have your back.  The same goes for having the backs of other people who you are trekking with.

Be Aware Of Food and Drink Safety

When you go to Nepal, make sure that you only drink water which comes from a prepackaged bottle.  Any drinks with ice should be avoided since they may be made with unfiltered water.

Additionally, you should be very careful eating fruits or any other kind of food which has been washed with their water.  It’s not safe to be consumed by tourists and may lead to days of agony and stomach cramping. There are no exceptions to this rule, unfortunately.  No matter how brave or tough or thirsty you are, your stomach is not equipped for the bacteria.

Be Aware Of Cultural Differences

There are specific cultural differences which are vastly different from back home in Western culture.  One of the most shocking for tourists is finding that timetables and schedules are not as adhered to as back at home.

Rather than getting angry or insulted if someone is late or an appointment doesn’t show on time, simply accept it as a cultural difference.

You should also be aware of never touching anyone on the top of their head which is considered extremely offensive.

Carry Sanitizer and Wipes

When you’re in Nepal, you may not always have access to running water, particularly if you’re trekking.  Keeping sanitizer on hand and a full pack of wipes ensures that you have something to clean yourself with, in a pinch.

You should always make sure to properly clean your hands before eating anything since you may have picked up contamination throughout the day which could make your very ill.