5 Intriguing Events At Your Vacation Destinations

Sometimes your vacation plans are going to be all about location, and sometimes they’re going to be about timing within your own work schedule. However, there are also going to be those times when you get to choose to head somewhere because of a major event happening at a particular time. So you’re choosing the destination because of a concrete event, rather than choosing a flexing set of dates around your own life. And this type of travel, when events become the priority, can really be some of the highlights of your life.

Consider things like the crawfish festival in Texas, Winter Music Conference in Miami, Coachella in California, Burning Man in Nevada, or celebrating the Chinese New Year when you’re actually in China! Making your focus these events, as opposed to just making the location the goal, can really alter your travel plans.

The Crawfish Festival

There are events that started small but have become larger over the years, and when you get a chance to go to them as part of your travels, you can absorb something special about the culture in specific locations. If you travel to the crawfish festival in Texas, for instance, you throw yourself in the middle of food, culture, and history in a way that you won’t experience anywhere else in the world.

Winter Music Conference

For lovers of electronic music, traveling to Miami for WMC for vacation is something of a necessity. It’s one of the worldwide meccas of the electronic dance music culture, and the tens of thousands of people that converge on the city for two weeks every winter will attest to the fact that it can be a life changing experience every single time that they attend.


For lovers of sun and indie music, the trip to Coachella is a must at some point. If you can travel there for vacation as a group of similar people, you can have the bonding experience of a lifetime, as well as hearing some of the best music in the world, on some of the most exciting audio-visual stages that have ever been created.

Burning Man

For the adventure seeker, making the journey to Burning Man at some point is a rite of passage, and many people, after the first time they go, plan their entire year with the point of going on vacation for that chunk of time. Tickets can be very limited, but the souls that try the hardest to get in will almost always make it somehow!

Chinese New Year

If you’re trying to get out of the country and do something pretty spectacular for your next vacation, going to China during the Chinese new year is definitely one way to expand your boundaries. You’ll have to spend some extra time getting passports and arranging the other details of your visit, but it’s a trip you’ll surely never forget!