The best road trips in America

Imagine driving a famous route across part of the US taking in the sights and attractions. America has vast open landscapes and is known for its epic road trips, so check out these ideas for planning your fun-filled trip.

The west and Las Vegas

Take a route through the American West by driving a loop that begins and ends with Las Vegas. Las Vegas offers world famous shows, themed hotels, incredible food, and gambling. Casino vacations are a thrill every minute you spend strategizing when you will hit the jackpot, and winning big will earn you bragging rights for years.

Next, the Grand Canyon showcases the significance of nature. This natural attraction’s immense size offers stunning views, so bring your camera. Other parks in the American West loop have plenty to offer, from Navajo Nation’s Monument Valley Park to Bryce Canyon National Park where you will find amazing naturally carved sandstone works of art.

Travel down classic Route 66

One of the iconic and best-known routes for a road trip is Route 66. This drive will take you from starlet spotting in Los Angeles to famous deep-dish pizza in Chicago. Route 66 stretches over 2,000 miles of American highway with many worthwhile stops. This trip can be made in about a week if you really push it, but two weeks or more allows you to take time to see more attractions.

Begin your trip in Los Angeles with tours of Hollywood. Make sure to stop at the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona to view unbelievable multi-colored striped mountains, and hike the Red Basin.

Seek out unique artists’ galleries and cuisine loaded with regional Hatch chili peppers in New Mexico. Then, hit Amarillo, Texas for a legendary steak weighing over 70 ounces!

Plan on seeing attractions between Oklahoma City and Chicago, which is a bustling city. Chicago is home to modern sculptures in Millennium Park, Shedd Aquarium, Field Museum of Natural History, and Wrigley Field, to name a few attractions.

View autumn foliage in the northeast

If you plan your road trip during autumn, then Blue Ridge Parkway in the Appalachian Mountains or Scenic Route 100 Byway in Vermont offer nature’s most vivid color palate when the leaves change color.

Blue Ridge Parkway spans over 400 miles of New England and showcases a wide array of dramatic autumn leaf hues along the way. This area is slightly removed from major US cities, but is worth the trip to engage in the countryside with amazing photo opportunities. Plan stops for lodging, camping, wildlife spotting, and attractions.

Scenic Route 100 Byway in Vermont is a family friendly spot to visit. This part of New England offers views of leaves ranging from bright yellow to rust red, which are brilliantly topped by blue skies when weather permits during October. Other seasons also have loads to do from camping in the summer to skiing during winter, and history buffs will not be disappointed by the museums and architecture to enjoy all year.

No matter which route you choose, your American road trip is sure to be filled with fun and excitement. Book your flight, select your rental car, and hit the open road to cruise around finding the diverse attractions along America’s highways.