Planning The Perfect Outdoor Vacation

Staycation or not, when the weather is nice it makes sense to get outside and enjoy it. Instead of spending all of your time sleeping in a hotel room or strolling through museums, find a way to make your vacation revolve around the great outdoors. It’s not that hard to do. If you are going abroad for your vacation and want to make it a solely outdoors adventure, you may want to look at renting a campervan in Iceland to camp in its stunning surroundings and feel nature. Check out helpful resources such as for what to do if you do decide to take a much-needed vacation here.

There are plenty of things you can do outside during the summer, adventurous things that don’t just have you lounging by a pool or sleeping in the sun. Here are some good ideas if you want to try something new on your next summer vacation.

Go Fishing

Take a fishing trip. You can go someplace that offers shore fishing, you can rent a canoe, you could buy your own boat, or you could go on a fishing charter. If fishing is something that is remotely new to you, a charter may be the best bet because it offers most (if not all) of the equipment you’ll need, and if you get a good captain you’ll learn a few things.

Want to make a fishing vacation even more adventurous? Cook up the catch of the day to have for dinner. Fish is great over the open fire.

Take A Hunting Trip

If you like to hunt then a perfect vacation for you could be a guided hunt. There are farms all over the world where they take people out on hunts for all sorts of game animals. If you want to be more eco-conscious, make sure you’re hunting an animal you intend to eat.

Wild game is very healthy since they aren’t pumped full of all the hormones used on farm animals (like cows and pigs). This can be a great adventure for something that enjoys the sport of hunting.

Try A Rustic Vacation

Go camping somewhere rusting. That means no RV, no electricity and running water, and no swimming pools. Primitive campsites are all the rage and you can get one with a cottage or you can set up a tent. Some campgrounds even have teepees.

This is a fun way to get back to nature and get a break from the technology you’re glued to on a daily basis. Learn how to build a fire, cook without a stove, and spend time hiking in the woods and just enjoying the peace and quiet.

Hiking And Climbing

Speaking of hiking, you can have quite an adventure even just hiking through a forest without camping out. If you have kids with you, you can teach them about flora and fauna, of which you’ll see much.

Climbing is more of an adult, or at least teen, vacation adventure. It can be dangerous, so you will want to research the company you go climbing with. You may also want to get a little practice in if you have a gym nearby with a climbing wall.