Three Bonuses To Flying Business Class

Anyone who jets off on airplanes for work will often tell people that it can be a hard part of the job.  Being constantly jet lagged, squeezing into small seats on planes, trying to nap during long layovers in busy airports and living out of a suitcase can be a hard part of the job for anyone. This difficult part of the job could be made a little easier for many people who are traveling for business if they consider flying business class.  Here are three bonuses that they could enjoy if they choose to buy business class in the future for their next flight.


Anyone who has ever been on a longer flight knows that inflight entertainment can make the flight much more tolerable and make the flying more enjoyable and relaxing.  Yes, most flights offer free inflight entertainment but if you fly business class the options of free entertainment on your flight is much more varied. You always want to check with your airline that you are flying with, but most offer their business passengers unlimited and free access to a vast library of movies, TV shows, and music.

Access To The Airport Lounge

Airport lounges can be invaluable for the tired traveler who has a long layover or delayed flight and still needs to get work done.  When you fly business class you get access to various airport lounges that offer a quiet space to relax (some even offer a place to shower) during your tired travels as well as internet access, comfortable chairs and an open bar to help any traveler get through their airport stay.  Just a peak into some of the best airport lounges in the world will have any seasoned traveler looking into purchasing business class tickets.


Airplanes are notorious with passengers for uncomfortable seats and having very little room to even stretch out, nevermind getting comfortable enough to sleep during a long flight.  One of the many bonuses to flying business class is the added space that you will have in your seat during your flight. For those that understand the difference between economy, business and first class seats, the size of the seats is everything. Having a little more elbow room as well as seats with the ability to recline can make a business flight much more comfortable to get some much needed shut eye in or work done.

As you can see there are many bonuses to flying business class.  Whether you are booking a flight to a work conference in Paris or flying for a client dinner in San Francisco, traveling in business class will make for a more pleasurable travel experience.