Sober Travel Resorts For Vacation In Recovery

It can be very difficult to decide on a destination for traveling when a person is in recovery from a life-altering addiction.  It does not make sense to invest time and money into a vacation to one of the many party meccas of the world, but knowledge of sober locations is often in short supply.  

With just a little bit of research, it is entirely possible to plan a completely sober friendly vacation for all to enjoy.  Luckily, we have already compiled a bit of research and developed a comprehensive list of a few of the most popular sober retreats and resorts available around the world.  Take a quick read, and get to planning!

Casa Hamaca

Casa Hamaca, Valladolid, Yucatan, Mexico is one of the most welcoming destinations in the world.  For anyone who is looking to recovery from an array of afflictions.  Surgery, illness, divorce, emotional/physical trauma, abuse, and any drug addictions are reason enough to visit the nurturing environment of Casa Hamaca.  

12 steps are leading up to the front entrance of the facility, setting the stage for an atmosphere of recovery.  Even if the 12-step approach to sobriety is not something of interest, this destination is still an oasis of sober comfort.  Accommodations are above average with one of the world’s most beautiful natural settings.  

Fourth Dimension Resort/Retreat

Fourth Dimension Resort/Retreat in Tamarindo, Costa Rica offers a vacation in paradise that caters to the sober traveler.  The facility’s mission is to provide a safe environment of those who wish to abstain from the use of alcohol and drugs.  

With an aim towards spiritual renewal, Fourth Dimension is a sober dream.  Do not bypass the opportunity to breathe in the fresh air of the sea and bask in the joy of pure, sober, life.  

Roots Jungle Retreat

Looking for a jungle experience?  Roots Jungle Retreat provides accommodations deep in the heart of Dominica’s jungle lands, next to the world-renowned Bamboo River.  

Providing a spiritual retreat into nature, Roots Jungle Retreat offers meditation meetings, hiking, diving, whale watching, and several different speakers throughout the season.  Travelers can choose to participate in organized events or simply enjoy the peace of the jungle canopy while watching the tropical wildlife.  

Sweet Water Farmhouse Retreat

Travelers looking for a more quaint and rural experience may want to visit the Sweet Water Farmhouse Retreat in Vermont.  This bed and breakfast type setting is designed to feel like visiting a friend or family member.  

The food is probably the most enjoyable amenity of the retreat.  Look forward to enjoying home cooked quiche, organic dairy (from right over the hill), and organic coffee or tea.  Everything is fresh, and the owners have no qualms with providing a gluten-free meal for those who prefer such.  

Tropix Hotel

A beautiful garden environment in the heart of the Dominican Republic, the Tropix Hotel is a small facility perfect for small groups or individuals seeking sober retreat.  Enjoy the perfect beach vacation, mixed with consistent reminders of the finer things in life.