Thinking About Moving to Sydney? Here’s What You Need to Know

When people are asked why they decided to move to Sydney, the answer is usually related to job and career opportunities that city has to offer. However, when they are asked why they decided to stay, the answers become numerous and diverse as the people you ask.

The city has a rich and complex urban culture that attracts people from all over the world and once they are there, everyone can make their mark on the aesthetic, cuisine, and culture of Sydney.


Sydney is a perfect city for a summer vacation, which can make actually living in it like a prolonged summer. The climate is mild and dry with short and rather warm winters. The city has 340 days of sunshine a year and hundreds of beaches to spend those days on. This also helps when it comes to actually moving in, as no one wants to be moving boxes and furniture in the rain. With the sun shining on a warm day, an organised moving schedule, and with the help of cheap skip bins sydney, moving seems a doddle.

On the hand, Australia as a whole, being a vast country has every climate imaginable. Due to the unique and very well connected location Sydney occupies on a map – you could easily and inexpensively organize weekend field trips and experience a completely different climate and wildlife.

Living expenses

When it comes to the cost of living, Sydney is a mixed bag. On the pro side, there are a lot of job opportunities for professionals of all kinds and the minimum wage is pretty high. There’s also a great system of public health care and education which takes the sting out the biggest expenses.

On the other side, it is one of the more expensive cities in the world in terms of property costs. Buying a home would require a good job and a long-term loan while renting one will take out a big chunk of your monthly salary. Utilities and groceries also tend to surprise new comers since their price has also risen in the last couple of years.

Legal matters

It’s fairly easy to immigrate to Australia, especially if you speak the language and have the proper professional qualifications. However, it might be a good idea to discuss the process with Sydney immigration lawyers, just to be on the safe side regarding your rights and obligations.

The biggest issue to resolve before preparing to move is getting the type of visa that’s best suited to your professional needs. The employer sponsored visa is the best solution for those who already have a job waiting for them in Sydney. This option will cut the red tape needed to obtain the visa because the employer will guarantee for your credential and professional skills.

Public transport

The state of public transport could completely ruin or drastically improve the way city looks to a newcomer. The infrastructure of a public transportation is Sydney is pretty old, but it’s still provides a safe and comfortable ride, for a relatively low price.

The most important features include double-sized buses which means that everyone gets a seat even during rush hour and a daily bus pass. This means that you have a limit on how much you can pay for public transport in one day, which is very useful to those who need a few rides to get to and from work.


The most difficult part of moving to a new country or city is adapting to the cultural and societal eccentricities. One of these that foreigners find had to get used to is the amount of coffee Australians drink. However, the coffee isn’t just plentiful it’s also of much higher quality than Britons and Americans are used to.

If you really want to try a good Sydney coffee stay clear of Starbucks and other franchise coffee shops and find a vendor which roasts their own beans. The coffee scene is very competitive, but when you find your own barista, you won’t change them for the world.

Moving to Sydney could be the start of one of the best chapters of your life. The city has something for everyone and it’s always growing and changing by accepting people from all over the world.