How to Pull Off an Amazing Wedding Party in New York

The only thing better than a wedding party is a wedding party in New York. The Big Apple has one of the world’s most amazing venues, a specific velocity that sticks with you, and a vibe that never wears off. Whether you live in New York or you’re daring enough to make a destination wedding party there, there are a few things you should take in mind.

Learning to Prioritize

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that New York can be extremely expensive: an average cost of a wedding in New York is nearly $50.000. You can save a lot of money if you allow yourself a bit of flexibility. Start by writing down all the necessities and the logistics: the number of guests, the desired time of the year for the event, the music, caterer, maybe a wedding theme, etc. Then make a sheet with three different columns: must, would love, and optional, and define what is a deal-breaker for you in order to categorize the things you need to take care of.The fact is, extravagance will cost you, but there are always alternatives which can give your wedding a more genuine feel. To fuel up your inspiration, browse through the examples of offbeat New York weddings.

Choosing a Venue

Venues located in Brooklyn, Jersey or Queens are known as more affordable, especially because vendors are willing to bargain for a price. In addition, you can explore open venues (e.g.Conservatory Gardens in Central Park) , if you’re thinking about a summer wedding. The key to the balanced spending is knowing where you want to invest a bit more. In case you need a helping hand with putting it all together, browse through different services that offer event planning in NYC so you don’t have to worry about a thing. It’s a well-known fact that event planners have established connections, so in a fast-paced city like New York, having an option of pulling some strings can come pretty in handy.

Figuring out Food and Drinks

You could be looking for delicious finger food that will go well with your chosen cocktails, or you could be contemplating about the option of all-you-can-eat buffet, but in both cases – you need a great caterer. When it comes to New York, it’s good to start snooping around for a catering service somewhere between 6 and 11 months before the event. There will be three types of information that every catering service will ask from you: the number of guests, the date, and the chosen venue. That’s how the ball gets rolling. Once you look through the references of the catering company you’re considering, book a few meetings for degustation tasting and refining the details. Remember: caterers are there to help you get the most from your big day, so don’t be shy to ask them as many questions you’d like.

Choosing the Right Photographer and Music

It’s important to book a well-skilled photographer, so you end up having wonderfully recorded memories. However, in New York City, hiring a photographer can be pricey as costs go around $4000. Make sure you check the photographer’s portfolio and recommendations before signing a contract. When it comes to music, you can hire a band or a DJ, while a more wallet-friendly option would be to simply connect your iPod to speakers of high-performance. Music is a crucial element for creating an atmosphere, so figure out a playlist that will stand in line with the dynamics of the party. If you’re looking to loosen up a bit, incorporate some fun games into the party, for a wedding impression that will never fade away.

We all known planning can be a true emotional rollercoaster, given the fact there’s a lot of pressure and stress involved. But what many newlyweds-to-be forget that the celebration of their love is what’s important, not having every single detail exactly as they imagined. In any case, New York definitely won’t let you down. As Frank Sinatra sang – everybody wants to be a part of it.