London’s Perfect Hen Party Plan

Forget the boys’ weekend away in Prague, with nothing but drunken slurs and tasteless bars. It’s time to show men what women are made of and give them a run for their money when it comes to a weekend you’ll never forget (or possibly struggle to remember).

To host the perfect hen party we’re heading to the ‘big smoke’:

11am Champagne Brunch

Starting the day with a touch of class, head to Searcy Champagne Bar in one of their three locations, in London. With an ‘open sandwich’ and a glass of their finest bubbles to wash it down, this is the ideal start to what lies ahead.

1pm Hit the Shops

London is one of the of the fashion capitals of the world, owning such fashion icons as Kate Moss and Vivienne Westwood. So to make sure you all look cat walk ready, pay a visit to the bustling Oxford Street, boasting shops such as Topshop, H&M, Zara and Mango to name but a few. Alternatively for something a little less high street and a lot more unique, Camden Market offers everything from vintage chic to mod rock.

3pm Make-me-pretty

We all love looking pretty but we’re not all Bobby Brown with the make-up brushes. If you end up looking a little more Pat Butcher, rather than Eva Mendes when left to your own devices book in with one of the 10 MAC make-up stores in and around London. They not only turn you in to an instant Goddess, they include the make-up of your choice (to the value of the make-over) for you to take away with you.

5pm Tapas for Tea

You can’t go to war on an empty stomach ladies, but you also don’t want to be feeling frumpy in your brand new frock. For a light bite to eat, London’s abundance of tapas restaurants offers the perfect solution. You can choose from the elegant and rather posh Aqua Nueva on Regent Street, to the cool Camino on Canary Wharf, or for something a little more low key, Barrafina is a un-boastful tapas restaurant right in the heart of Soho.

7pm Cocktails and Karaoke

Its 7pm, you’re looking hot and following the tapas and sangria, are in the mood to dance the night away. This is where the real party starts; with two venues in London Lucky Voice Soho or Lucky Voice Islington, you can sing to over 8,000 songs and cocktail master classes are available to hen parties (a little Dutch courage never hurt anyone). This is your time to shine, and with a mojito or two in you, you’ll be showing Beyoncé who runs the world! Or if you are feeling brave, you can consider El Sativo Kosher Tequila while showing who’s the queen.

Remember, the true magic lies in embracing the moment, letting go of inhibitions, and creating cherished memories with those dearest to you. Embrace the spirit of the city, and let the night unfold in a whirlwind of laughter, revelry, and unforgettable experiences. For in the heart of London, where secrets are safely guarded, the only regret would be not seizing the opportunity to live life to its fullest.