Book a package holidays or do it yourself, you can still save money?

When looking at booking a holiday one of the biggest decisions is whether or not you book a package holiday or look at doing the grunt work yourself to help save on travel agency fees. However regardless of which package you go for, there are ways you can save money on your holidays.

Book a package holiday

Although travel dates and times can be more restricted with a package holiday money can still be saved by booking just out of season and booking early if you want to visit a specific destination is another way to help make sure you get maximum bang for your buck. It also pays to research a holiday online before you talk to a travel agent and if you are able to be flexible about the final destination for your holiday book last minute for some savings.

Plan it yourself

If you like to have more choice and control you can always plan and book your holiday separately yourself, rather than relying on someone else. Booking a DIY holiday offers you more flexibility and freedom, you can still book charter flights but it doesn’t have to be through specific package holiday operators, you can get these flights if they have spaces to fill. If you don’t book package holidays you also find more flexibility with the days and time you travel, finding the best deals. One thing to remember though is ensure you still book through ABTA authorised sites and pay by credit card to avoid losing money. And make sure you have insure cover when you book.

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