A Natural High: 3 Adrenaline-Powered Vacations

Drug addiction is a constant battle. It only takes one relapse for an addict to fall back to square one. Of course, there are medication providers in Arizona, family members, support groups and counsellors who can help prevent this from happening but just because someone’s sober, doesn’t mean the recovery process is over. Because for those in recovery from drug addiction, it can seem as though nothing will ever be fun again. There’s a reason for that – many of the most powerful drugs, the uppers that make people feel so good, result in dopamine depletion. This means that your brain is essentially flushed of some of the neurotransmitters that make you feel happy. It just can’t get the signal across.

As you go through recovery, your brain will start to recover from this process, but that doesn’t mean you’ll feel like your old self again immediately. Instead, maybe you need a vacation to jump start the experience of feeling joy and excitement. And what better way than through controlled adventure?

If you’re ready to experience a natural high, consider one of these 3 incredible and exciting vacations. The sensation is just so much better when it stems from changing your life for the better.

Go Sky High Skiing

Skiing is a great way spend time with your family and learn a new skill or push your limits on the black diamond slopes. But what if you wanted to take things to the next level? For those looking for the next frontier in skiing, a trip to the Chugach range in Alaska is in order. There you can test out the wild sport known as heli-skiing.

What makes heli-skiing different from traditional skiing? Well, the parts of the Chugach range take you 13,000 feet up – and you can only get there by helicopter. You’ll take 4 days of extreme adventure and survivalism to find your way back to the bottom.

Eat Bugs In Bangkok

One characteristic of drug addiction is inappropriate or risk-taking behavior, but what if the behavior is only inappropriate in a particular setting? Maybe you wouldn’t take the risk of eating bugs in your backyard, but the bugs in question are worms served fried and you’re in Bangkok, we’re talking about something entirely different. Worms are standard fare in Thailand and are served with dipping sauces that only enhance the crunchy texture produced by frying.

Eating bugs may not be quite on the same plane as heli-skiing, but let’s be honest, you felt a surge of adrenaline, and maybe downright fear, when you read this suggestion!

Go Deep In The Rainforest

Drug addiction can seriously harm family relationships, but a great vacation can go a long way towards restoring that bond. Show your kids the wild side – yours and Mother Nature’s – by taking them ziplining through the rainforest. A common activity in Costa Rica, you can also zipline through these setting in Hawaii and other warm locales. Be prepared – those lines move fast!

When you’re facing down a real adventure, you need to be clean and sober – and you’re sure to enjoy it more that way. Now is the moment to seek adventure near and far. Make your next vacation a natural high.