Bingo: The entertainment of Celebrities

UK Bingo is becoming increasingly famous these days, with numerous celebrities worldwide playing on different sites. This type of entertainment is attractive to online players as it is easily accessible, letting players start their game plays once they have register.

For instance, there’s an international film star who used to be a bingo caller long ago, and he still plays bingo online quite often…. And that’s Russel Crowe. After getting sacked as a bingo caller for using inappropriate language, the celebrity still plays with his friends. Following the path of Crowe is Robbie Williams. The well-known singer loves playing bingo games with members of his former band. However, he mostly plays to raise money for charities.

It would seem that bingo games even appeal to the royalties as even Prince William does enjoy some good games of bingo. He was seen playing in a bingo hall at Sandhurst few years back. The lovely Queen as well, enjoys some bingo when she has free time. Given that these are UK Royals, surely they enjoy the traditional 90-ball bingo.

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Catherine Zeta Jones, the famous welsh star, loves bingo so much that she even made her own bingo ball and cards. She shares these with her friends and other celebrities when she hosts bingo parties at her place. The actress, despite being born in UK, loves a good game of 75-ball bingo. Ever since she got married, Kate Moss developed a liking for bingo games. She organises bingo night-ins with her best friends regularly.

It might be hard to imagine, but the rock ’n’ roll star, Mick Jagger, throws several bingo parties all year long at his place. These parties are reserved for his family and closest friends only. The same is done by the beautiful, Courteney Cox. Her bingo partners are Rickki Lake and Paris Hilton!

Surprisingly, even one of the most famous footballers has an unconditional love for bingo, Christiano Ronaldo. He began liking this game when he was trying to improve his English. He was offered a CD which was on bingo games.

There are rumours that the ex-president, Barack Obama, enjoys playing bingo. Sources have it that all the family members love a good game of bingo.