7 Urban Myths We All Want to be True

Urban legends and myths are a fun way to keep ourselves entertained – but they very rarely carry much more than a smidgen of truth. Today, let’s look at seven urban myths we all want to be true (but probably aren’t). 

  1. Mr Rogers was a Navy Seal 

The beloved TV show host Mr Rogers was famed for his gentle and kind demeanour, but a rumour which currently circles the web has him depicted as a navy marine sniper – with several “confirmed kills” to his name.

Does this look like the face of a navy seal?

The idea of this quiet old man as a stone cold killer is humorous to say the least. Sadly, it’s not true. Having been born in 1928, Rogers was actually too old to have ever fought in the Vietnam War (which is where his acts of heroics were said to take place). 

  1. Bigfoot 

This legend has persisted for years, and seems to be an obsession which will carry on throughout the ages. This gigantic creature is said to roam the wilds of Canada, and looks like a human mixed with a gorilla.

Such is the popularity of this notion, a TV show and film – named Harry and the Hendersons – would even spring up and become a cult success based around the sasquatch character. We’d all love for this to be real, but it’s hard to truly believe it is. 

  1. Sewer pets 

Perhaps we wouldn’t all like this to be true – with a few former owners out there no doubt somewhat concerned about some serious payback if flushed sewer pets do exist. 

You wouldn’t want to come cross this guy in the sewer

These creatures, which range from crocodiles to turtles, are said to survive in the sewers and grow to gigantic sizes. It’s quite cool to think there might be some massive reptiles under our feet. Let’s just hope they stay there. 

  1. The Good Samaritan 

This story revolves around a celebrity of varying origin. The basic narrative states a person of note was stuck on the side of the road, when a good Samaritan pulled over and helped them change a tire.

A week later the person received a cheque in the mail for their good deeds. Again, much like the celeb, the figure changes from telling to telling – with some having it as high as £10,000. This has the potential to be true, and we all hope it is. 

  1. Loch Ness Monster 

Loch Ness is probably one of the most well-known places in Britain – which is odd considering how little there is to do there. Perhaps unsurprisingly, it’s been named amongst some of the world’s most disappointing locations to visit.

A beautiful church, but no monster

The reason people continue to head there anyway? The fabled presence of the Loch Ness Monster. This creature has generally been linked to prehistoric beasts like the Plesiosaur. Sadly, there’s never been any real evidence to suggest it exists. 

  1. Walt Disney is frozen 

A popular theory states the body (or at least brain) of Walt Disney was frozen, and is now stored below the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at the Anaheim branch of Disneyland. This ride was constructed soon after Walt’s death, leading to the rumours.

In reality Disney was cremated at a private funeral shortly after he passed. The lack of a body and hidden burial spot are what have largely contributed to this persistent notion of a frozen corpse. 

  1. Batteries in the fridge

Ever thought about throwing your batteries in the fridge to extend their shelf life? Don’t do it. There’s no benefit to this whatsoever. In fact, some companies might even recommend doing it as it can cause corrosion or other types of damage.

These urban myths probably aren’t going to be revealed as true any time soon, but it’s always fun to speculate and believe.