Ways to Find Cheap Transport When You Travel Australia

In case you didn’t know, Australia is a huge country. It’s just a wee bit smaller than the United States and Canada. With significant distances between the major cities, getting around the country can be challenging. So, you’ll need to take some time for planning.

Lucky for you, all of Australia’s large towns have affordable and reliable means of transportation, including public bus routes and city train systems in cities like Brisbane, Sydney Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth. And if you happen to travel in the region anytime soon, you can also find a car hire in South Brisbane Australia.

So, if you’re on a budget, there are several ways you can get around the Land of Oz without breaking the bank. Check out the ways you can travel the country on the cheap.

By Air

Flying is not exactly the cheapest option. However, it is the best way to save time and cover a lot of ground. You’ll find a handful of domestic airlines, namely Tiger Airways, Virgin Australia, Qantas, Jetstar, and Rex, which all serve the state capital cities and numerous regional towns.

Competition among these airlines is stiff, which means traveller can enjoy some excellent value fares, especially if you take the time to book a flight ahead of time.

By Bus

Travelling by bus allows you to cover long distances. You can choose among some of the local bus companies like Greyhound Australia, which has the entire nation covered. There are also other options like Murrays and Premier, which operate in specific areas.

You can get hop-on/hop-off travel passes from Greyhound, which is great for budget travellers. Long trips can get boring. So, the latest buses offer great amenities like video entertainment systems, air-conditioning, adjustable seats, reading lights, as well as Wi-Fi.

By Train

Another great option is to travel by train. Not only is it expedient way to get around, but it is also a great and scenic way to experience the country. You can choose from many train lines, such as TrainLink, V-Line, and TransWA.

If you want to experience impressive railway trips, you can select between Indian Pacific and The Ghan, both offer comfortable travel across the continent.

By Car

This is hands down the best and cheapest option available. If you really want to save some serious cash, gather your friends and rent a car. If you need more room, you can choose to rent an SUV or a minivan. Rental companies may even have purchased extra accessories from places like Dunn and Watson to make their vehicles even more suited to the road trip experience. Not only will you be able to travel comfortably and drive anywhere you want, but you can also split the costs among yourselves.

You can check the bulletin boards in hostels or look online for fellow travellers who are active ride sharers. This is by far the highly recommended way to travel in the Land of Oz.

When you plan to visit Australia anytime soon, make sure you review your options thoroughly and have a reasonable travel budget. Some places like the bustling eastern region between Brisbane and Melbourne can cost more than others.

So, if you want to spend less, consider some of these options, like sharing a car or buying a cheap bus pass.

Do you have other ways to travel on the cheap? We’d love to know. Please share your tips in the comments section.