Scary & Strange street foods to try in Bangkok

International travellers have long been aware that things could be a little… different at their destination, and Bangkok’s famed street food vendors do not fail to disappoint.

Western palates can easily be tempted by a tasty pad thai, satay skewer or fish cake, but for those seeking a more authentic Thai experience, here’s the top five treats to taste.

Bamboo Worms Look Proper Rank!
Bamboo Worms Look Proper Rank!

BBQ Pig’s Ear

Locals enjoy this snack accompanied by a blow your socks off chilli sauce. The ear is cut into strips marinated in a combination of soy sauce, oyster sauce, salt and pepper. The strips are then barbecued on an open charcoal barbecue and enjoyed with the aforementioned chilli dipping sauce.

BBQ Chicken’s Ass

If a chicken’s nether regions grabs your tastebud’s imagination, then this snack might be for you. Marinated in the same sauce as the pigs ear, the asses are threaded onto a skewer, usually five per serve, before being barbecued and drizzled with a hot and spicy sauce. These are surprisingly soft and juicy, a real succulent taste.

Fried Insects

A range of insects can be eaten at Bangkok street vendors, including grasshoppers, ants, crickets and scorpions. Tossed in spices with salt and pepper, they are then fried with a little oil in enormous woks. These crunchy assortments are very popular with locals.

Deep Fried Bamboo Worms

This delicacy is sourced from deep in the jungles and transported into Bangkok. A golden yellow after being fried, their crunchy texture makes them surprisingly similar to fries. Bamboo worms are best eaten with a dipping sauce to complement the spices they are tossed in prior to cooking.

Deep Fried Chicken’s Feet

This unusual offering is another well loved way to ensure every part of the animal is consumed and not wasted. The nails are clipped off and the feet washed before being marinated. They are then deep fried, and provide a crunchy snack, which is not meat, but more of a sinewy texture. Enjoy this with a zingy dipping sauce.

Be warned though – despite the near legendary status of these unusual snack foods, they’re not as common as travellers may expect. Be prepared to do some exploring of the city in order to seek out these treats. A visit to will get you on your way to experiencing all that Bangkok has to offer.