Across Australia on Dirt Bikes

Ever dreamed of hopping on your trusted steed and conquering the never-ending Australian landscape? Good, because Australia is the perfect place to experience the dirt bike adventure of a lifetime! However, there are important rules and guidelines you’ll need to follow at all times in order to make your ride as smooth, safe, and thrilling as possible. Read more

A Guide To Visiting Europe in Winter

Visiting Europe at any time of the year is an experience to remember, but visiting in the winter months can be magical, if you know where to go and what to do! From exploring romantic cities shrouded in snow, to partaking in exhilarating winter sports, Europe is the place to be as winter is slowly drawing to a close. To help you on your adventure, below are a few points to consider. Read more

The Side Effects of Bad Credit

Bad credit is not always something we give much thought to. It normally doesn’t raise its ugly head until you need to borrow money. Because of this, people don’t fear debt in quite the same way as they once did. Credit is easy to come by and we have slowly become indoctrinated into a “buy now, pay later” culture. If money is tight and we miss a payment on our credit card or loan, who cares? Read more

Great experiences worldwide worth travelling for

It’s said that travel broadens the mind, but all too often people go abroad and don’t seem to do anything they couldn’t do at home, except perhaps for lying on a beach. It can be nice to take time out and relax, but if you want a trip that gives you something more, it’s worth seeking out a vacation that’s all about the experience. Each of these great destinations has something that makes it genuinely special. You won’t just have an amazing time; you’ll have great stories to share for years to come. Read more

The Kangaroo: What Makes It So Unique?

A horse-racing event in Cessnook, New South Wales, was interrupted recently as a kangaroo decided to join in midway through the race. The kangaroo managed to keep pace with the horses for a moment before getting cold feet and dashing across the front of the competition. Kangaroos are an animal that’s inspired a great deal of puzzlement and wonder over the years. They’re quite unlike anything you’ll find in the west, with their distinctive hopping gait and their pouches. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Kangaroo so different to everything we’ve come to recognise as normal. Read more