How to Beautify Your Garden Wedding

If you’ve chosen to have your wedding in a garden, you’ve definitely made a beautiful choice. Garden weddings are romantic and full of color, especially during Spring and Summer. You can enhance your garden wedding to make it even more glorious and memorable, with a few easy tricks and tips. These tips are workable for all budgets, large and small, and for any garden setting.

Read on for our list of easy ways to beautify your garden wedding.

Reflect the garden in your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses

To tie your setting in with your wedding party, you can reflect the beauty of the garden in your bridesmaid dresses and your wedding dress. Check out JJ’s House, a fabulous online dress store with a huge array of bridesmaid and bridal dresses. Narrow down a selection of dresses which have a color or silhouette which is reminiscent of floral themes and garden settings. Then, you can accessorize your dress and your bridesmaid dresses with floral corsages, floral headbands and colorful flower bouquets.

In other words, make yourself and your bridesmaids a part of the beautiful scenery, like living flowers sweeping down your grass-lined aisle!

And one last tip…remember to use stiletto heel grass protectors to stop your beautiful wedding shoes from sinking into that luscious garden grass.

Pick the lushest season

In most countries, Summer and spring are the best seasons to plan your garden wedding for. This is when the flowers are in bloom, therefore the colors will be more rich and more abundant. The grass will be greener, softer and more lush – however, if the lawn has been maintained by the likes of Trugreen in GA, then you can be sure that it will look great all year round. The aromas of the flowers will be more intense and the rustling of the trees in full bloom will be incredibly beautiful for you and your guests to enjoy. What’s more, Spring and Summer are more pleasant seasons for people to enjoy outdoors in the milder, warmer weather. However, not only you, but the surrounding wildlife will also be in full bloom. You are more likely to have families of moles or rabbits or mice in your garden. This is not uncommon for those who live in the countryside. However with moles especially, they can ruin your lawn with their hills. You may need to talk to a company similar to to talk about how to get rid of moles or any other pests before your big day, so none of your guests get a fright!

Illuminate the space creatively

There’s something so mystical and beautiful about an evening garden dotted with twinkling lights. Use different sizes and colors to illuminate the space. Hang lit lanterns across arches, thread tiny lights through the trees, secure torches to illuminate walking pathways and place bowls with tea lights on each table. Once the sun goes down and the party goes on, your garden will be transformed into a twinkling wonderland your guests will be in awe of.

Hang fabrics, umbrellas and canopies

If your garden wedding is set during the day, your guests will need shady places to sit, eat, drink and relax. Use this practical aspect to add soft furnishings to your garden wedding, adding more texture and color to the surroundings. Find colorful sun umbrellas, canopies adorned with floral arrangements and long stretches of pretty fabrics strung between trees. Your wedding will be transformed into a magical, dreamlike garden paradise with shady places to sit and enjoy the romance of the day.

No matter your budget, you can beautify your garden wedding by adding simple touches such as lights, canopies, and even simply by choosing the best possible season!