A Great Weekend Away: How to Get More for Less

You’re sold on the idea of taking a vacation but you don’t want to spend your entire budget. You will appreciate every passing second of rest and relaxation yet you would not mind getting more for less. Here’s how to enjoy a great getaway for a fraction of the price.

Use Price Apps

Apps and online tools will advise you on the best-going rates on rooms and activities. Get alerts in real time and don’t purchase your ticket until you can’t find a better price tag. Plus, apps can hone-in on particular dates or hotels of interest, so you know you’re getting the best price based on your preferences.

Call That Day

One traveler gathers want another denies. Some have second thoughts and that means things change regarding hotel accommodations. Call the day of your journey and see what the service representative can tell you about modifications and reservations that can be upgraded, etc. The Marriott, Bergen County offers last-minute weekend rates for those who suddenly decide to enjoy a weekend getaway.

Check Coupon Sites

Don’t be that person who pays full price for your meal, hotel room, or transport. It’s highly likely there’s a coupon for that. Check online coupon sites that deliver savings based on the number of people purchasing, the season, or how much you’re willing to spend.

Trade-In Travel Miles

You may have accumulated frequent flier miles and more prizes based on your travel behavior. See what you can get for your time traveled. Many assume miles can only be traded for flights, but you can grab hotel rooms, car rentals, and more depending on your program. Moreover, see about points you may have accumulated by using your credit card.

Be Lazy

Sometimes it pays to be lazy. Hotel booking tools, such as Hotel Tonight, help locate the cheapest hotel rooms that are available for that night. Participating hotels don’t mind discounting rooms that would otherwise go unoccupied.

Write a Review

Some sites actually pay you to write hotel reviews. In some cases, if readers are impressed enough with to book a reservation, you will get a part of the profits! It’s a great way for those with a lot of opinions and miles under their belt to make cash back.

Join the Club

Many clubs offer members deals on hotel rooms, air travel, restaurants, and more. See about joining AAA, a student club, or one associated with your profession. Use a search engine to find clubs that provide the best membership perks.

Take More People

If you’re going as a group, you may actually save on hotels, restaurants, flights, and transportation. The Groupon business model has been recycled many times over, making it easy to find incredible per-person deals whether you’re looking to dine down the street or take a great weekend getaway.

Read Reviews

Peruse Yelp and other online review sites for ideas as to how others got more for less. Often, discounts are situational. For example, a couple who just got engaged can get a bump-up at a restaurant or hotel. In other situations, a hotel may give you an automatic discount if you mention you stayed there before.