Five Things To Teach Your Teen Before They Go On Spring Break

Spring break is a right of passage for the teenage years. Teenagers that miss out on spring break may remember they missed it for the rest of their lives. However, without proper knowledge of personal safety, your teen may remember their spring break forever for other reasons.

Even worse, you might remember it forever if something bad happens. Make sure that your teen knows the dangers they can encounter while on spring break. A wise teen is a safe teen.

Dangers Of Alcohol Abuse

Teach your teen about the dangers of alcohol abuse. You can bet that there will be drinking going on at spring break, and simply telling your teen not to do it isn’t going to keep it from happening. Instead, talk to them about what can happen.

Binge drinking is a popular spring break activity and it can lead to death. Make sure that your teen understands the difference between having a drink and binge drinking. It’s not bad parenting to teach them to pace themselves since you know they’re going to drink even if you flat out tell them “no.”

Risks Of Drug Use

Drug use is another thing that might happen while on spring break. Voluntarily trying drugs is one thing, but you need to alert your teenager of the possibility of people slipping them drugs when they aren’t paying attention. Make sure your teen knows to never leave a drink alone and to always use the buddy system when they are partying.

Basic First Aid

It doesn’t hurt to make sure that your teen knows how to do basic first aid, as well as CPR. They may even benefit from taking a CPR class and getting certified. Many professional jobs require certified CPR training so it could possibly open some new doors for your teen. You can easily find cpr training courses located in Burlington and other major cities too. Your teen should also learn how to do the Heimlich maneuver just in case something goes down the wrong way.

Send them along with a small first aid kit that can fit easily in their luggage. It doesn’t have to have much, just some bandages and antibiotic cream.

Sun Safety

Make sure your teen is wise to the ways of the sun. You want them to come home safe in healthy in every way, that includes not allowing them to increase their risk of skin cancer. Make sure they know to use sunscreen, and that they understand that it needs to be reapplied throughout the day, especially after swimming.

Ocean/Swimming Safety

Speaking of swimming, make sure your teen knows to be safe when it comes to the time they spend in the water. If they go swimming in a pool without a lifeguard you want to make sure they have friends along (you never know what may happen, especially if drinking is involved).

If your teen is at a vacation destination somewhere in a tropical area it is pretty likely they’ll do some ocean swimming or surfing as well. You want them to know shark safety, jellyfish safety, and more. There are plenty of videos and some good info online for learning safety in the big waters.