Christmas Is Here!

I bloody love Christmas! Depending on who you ask; Christmas “officially” begins when either the John Lewis advert appears on our screens, or the Coca Cola trucks come on – either way it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

For me, I get to see my family together; having moved up here it’s hard for us all to be together in one place, however for a few days it’s like we were kids again before we grew up and had responsibilties. Also, it’s an excuse to get Michael Buble on spotify and not feeling guilty for doing so !
One thing we all ensure we do together is decorate my parents house outside and the living room, so we all go back on the first weekend of December (the 3rd this year) and make the house all Christmassy. While looking for decorating ideas, I found this cool “Christmas Decor Hacks” infographic by Festive Lights which gives some great tips for saving both time & money when decorating your home. Also, looking around the site I found the “How Christmassy are you?” quiz – I only scored 50%! 50!
The graphic is below, but here are some of the tips that I found most useful:
  • Using different colours to red & green   – this is something me and my sister always do, we try and get as many different colours of tinsel as humanly possible; it’s like a rainbow in our lounge.
  • Fill old jars with salt snow to make it look like it’s been snowing indoors. These can be used again every year
  • Outdoor lights on a timer  – I’m sure my dad wrote this one… he will drive past THE house (there’s one in every street) that is covered top to bottom in lights all day everyday, however my dad just wants them on for an hour or two until he’s ready for bed. Having them on a timer will save you a bigger electricity bill in January
If you’ve any other Christmas tips, leave them as a comment below please.
*I originally spotted the infographic on My Unique Home