Bridging the Generation Gap: Fun Activities to Do with Your Grandparents

You’ve done all the usual grandparent-grandchild activities, like playing card games, going on nature walks, puzzle solving and baking, and if you’re bored of doing all that, then it’s time to change it up a bit.

You can bust your boredom and your grandparents’ boredom (whether they admit to it or not) by having a go at the generation-bridging activities below.

Go cycling

Your grandparents might be elderly, but their bodies haven’t given up on them yet, and because they haven’t, you should go cycling together. You might have to go a bit slower than you’re used to going, or your grandparents might be one of those amazing over 50s putting old on hold in order to be a speed demon, but regardless of the pace you go at, going out cycling with your grandparents is a fun activity. What’s more, it’s an activity you can both get to grips with the second you try it (if you can both ride a bike, that is!).

Go on a technology treasure hunt

Your grandparents probably won’t be the most technologically gifted people you know, but that doesn’t mean you can’t teach them a thing or two. If you do decide to give your grandparents a masterclass in the modern technologies of today, you can start by taking them out on a technology treasure hunt. Doing so involves downloading Geocaching and then using the app to find the treasure that other users have buried in the virtual world. Embracing such an activity will get you and the grandparents out of the house for a bit, and it’ll spruce up those long, tedious walks that you used to embark on together.

Plant memories

Everybody, no matter their age, will have memories. Your grandparents will have more memories than you, but you’ve still got your fair share! You can share this common trait by planting them.

To plant memories with your grandparents, first, you should round up items that hold memories for you that you can afford to be without, and you should get your grandparents to do the same. Then, together, you should find a safe space outside to plant your individual boxes of memories. While you’re at it, asking your grandparents about the memories they chose to plant will brighten their day.

Go and watch an old movie

You probably haven’t been to the cinema with your grandparents for many years, if ever, so doing so now would be a nice, fresh activity for the both of you to try. When you do, consider going to watch an old movie that is being released for one or two nights only. By doing so you will entertain yourself, as you’ll probably have never seen the movie in question, while your grandparents will be able to take a trip down memory lane.

Your grandparents are special people, and you should seek to spend as much time with them as possible. Just remember, the time you spend with them doesn’t have to be spent baking or playing card games – you and them can do whatever you like!