Things to Do in Tampa, Florida as a New Resident

The Sunshine State, what a grand place to live with all of its beautiful beaches, awesome venues, and stellar places to eat. Granted it does get hot, really hot, and for days on end too. But there are also plenty of days where you just can’t wait to be outdoors and there are a plethora of activities for you and the family to enjoy in and around the Tampa Bay.

Entertaining Places to Visit

Right in the heart of downtown Tampa, there are plenty of places to visit all year round. You can take a tour on the Tampa Bay Fun Boat, to get a fabulous view of the city from the water. If you want some action, head on over to Amalie Arena for either a Tampa Bay Lightning or Tampa Bay Storm game. Just a few blocks away you can find the Florida Aquarium, where they have over 20,000 aquatic animals and plants on display. For the history buff in the family, you can visit the American Victory Ship. It’s a World War II ship that has become a landmark and museum. Lastly, you don’t have to drive on over to the east coast of Florida to get your thrills. Just take a ride to Busch Gardens for a fun filled day with rides, animal exhibits and shows. Here are some other ways to beat the Florida summer heat, so you can keep your cool.

Let’s Relax in the Sun

Visit Florida and you’re not going to spend time on the beach, it’s unheard of. In Dunedin, the Honeymoon Island State Park host visitors on 4 miles of white sand. There are also nature trails and bird observation areas to enjoy while you’re there. Or you can take a trip to Sand Key Park, where you can view nesting sea turtles in the summer months.

Where’s the Food

Indeed, as a new resident, you need the 411 on the food scene. Lucky for you, Tampa Bay is buzzing in that area, and you can find all the major points of interest on websites like Could you imagine yourself sipping on a European-style brew and chowing down on Sauerbraten, yum!! If so, be sure to give specialty restaurants like Mr. Dunderbak’s a try. There’s a variety of cultures that mesh in the area such as Cuban, Latin and Italian specialties that will have you clamoring for more.

Getting situated

When you have settled into your home, there are some things that you should consider. As mentioned previously, it does get incredibly hot in the Sunshine State. The sticky heat can feel almost unbearable when you’re indoors, which is why you’ll want to try and find an expert from a site such as to install an air conditioning system in your home. These are easy to manage and can help keep your house at a cool temperature throughout the summer months. Of course, making sure that your ready for the hot temperatures isn’t the only thing that you need to organize when you arrive in Tampa. If you’re moving here from out of state, you’ll need to make you switch over your license and the plates on your car. This is something that is often forgotten and can see yourself in a whole lot of accidental trouble if you were to be involved in a traffic stop. On the subject of cars, you’ll also want to get some car insurance quotes to see if they can lower your rates as saving any amount of money is always a plus.

Covering All the Bases

Well we have covered where to have fun, sweet places to eat and how to take care of the important stuff. So if you are planning on visiting or calling the Tampa Bay area your new home, you have a rundown on what to expect. With some careful planning and an adventurous heart, you and your family can have an awesome time in Tampa Bay.