Three Bonuses To Flying Business Class

Anyone who jets off on airplanes for work will often tell people that it can be a hard part of the job.  Being constantly jet lagged, squeezing into small seats on planes, trying to nap during long layovers in busy airports and living out of a suitcase can be a hard part of the job for anyone. This difficult part of the job could be made a little easier for many people who are traveling for business if they consider flying business class.  Here are three bonuses that they could enjoy if they choose to buy business class in the future for their next flight. Read more

Benefits Of Owning A Timeshare

Owning a timeshare may seem like a large commitment to many people but the truth is that traveling to your favorite vacation spot can be a lot more comfortable if you invest in a timeshare.  Hotel rooms can not only feel cramped once you and the family are on vacation, but the price of them can really add up after a few weeks.  Purchasing a timeshare may not be for every travel lover, but timeshares do provide a lot of benefits.  Here are just a few benefits to owning a timeshare if you love to travel to a specific vacation destination. Read more

3 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean and Organized When Traveling With Kids

Before kids, it was easy to keep your car as clean and organized as you liked. There weren’t any weird stains of unknown origin you’d randomly find, you knew where all the smells were coming from, and it wasn’t very often that you reached under your seat to find half-eaten food. But with kids, all bets are off regarding the state of your car during a road trip—until now. For just the help you need, here are three ways you can keep your car clean and organized while traveling with kids.

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What Your Faith – Or a Lack Thereof – Can Do for Personal Productivity

No matter how disciplined you are, it isn’t easy to find the motivation you need to do much more than crawl out of bed. And even then, you might find yourself constantly running late because you keep mashing on the snooze button. Some people have financial goals, or use material things or even have social rankings that they hang onto in effect to keep themselves motivated. Perhaps you may set a personal goal of becoming more healthy, which requires you to work out regularly and actually not cheat on your diet. While being more healthy may be what you say is motivating you, really it’s a set of six pack abs that you desire.

In actuality, faith is probably the one thing that can keep people more motivated than any other tangible goals. And by faith, it isn’t necessary for you to pray to the Virgin Mary. It can actually be a total lack of religious faith that motivates you, that is, if you instead have a high level of faith in yourself.

When Motivation Levels Rise and Fall

At the start of any new project or self induced goal, your motivation levels are likely to be off the charts. After all, taking on a new endeavor requires you to start fresh, perhaps going shopping or making announcements to all of your family and friends. When you’re highly motivated, you have to work really, really hard to find reasons to drag yourself away from your work. This might include you going without sleep or declining social calls, just so that you can spend a few more hours hard at work on whatever is presently inspiring you. On the other hand, when you feel your motivation levels starting to drop, you can either try to scramble to boost your reserves, or you can slowly or surely let your goals start to fall by the wayside.

Establishing Your Reasons to Stay Motivated

Human beings are easily stimulated when they can see, feel or otherwise experience the benefits of their hard work. This is why many so many medical students end up dropping out of school before they even begin their residency programs. The rewards may be great, but if they aren’t able to tangibly experience them, their minds pretty much revolt. This is the same manner in which faith works. Highly religious persons attending mosque, church or temple on a regular basis receive the social and spiritual benefits of maintaining their faith. By associating with other people who follow similar religions, their faith is constantly reaffirmed.

Faith, Actually

A lot of literature on maintaining faith and how it can help improve motivation levels centers around religious dogmas. The fact of the matter is that atheism, which is on the rise, is a great example of how transformative personal faith can be. Atheists don’t believe in a higher power, and they also don’t believe that they will be rewarded in the afterlife for any good deeds done while alive. At the same time, they firmly and truly believe in something that is highly tangible – themselves. By putting the power of motivation in their own hands, they are able to reasonably and rationally recognize and understand why their motivation levels increase or decrease.

Whatever your personal faith, you can find reasons to stay motivated. You can also find convenient excuses to put off projects or allow yourself to slack, if you personally believe that your reasons are justified. If you can find and accept your faith in whatever medium it manifests, motivation will be something that just comes naturally.

When A Bargain Is Far Away: Try Shiply

A new year usually brings with it January sales both online and offline. If you are like me, you love to spend the cold winter evenings browsing eBay and Amazon for epic bargains.  Sometimes though these bargains can be quite far from us and we need to arrange our own delivery. This sometimes deters me and I just leave it.

However, I recently came across the cutest little bedsit cabinet on eBay that I simply had to have until I saw the dreaded “collection only”. I don’t drive so I was left in a bit of a conundrum. So, I paid a quick visit to Google and that’s where I came across The solution to my annoying problem.

For those of you who have never heard of this website, it is a delivery comparison website where the couriers bid for your delivery in reverse style auction. And the best part is, it is eBay compatible. If you find an eBay item that is collection only all you need is the eBay item number and it automatically downloads the details for you.

It took me 2 minutes to post my delivery request and within 3 hours I had 6 quotes from different couriers. The quotes were free and I could message the couriers who gave me quotes. Like eBay I could read their feedback before accepting a quote.

The couriers on Shiply are much cheaper than traditional couriers. As most of them are already travelling in this direction and are often looking to fill space in their vans they can, therefore, offer us cheaper deals.

What kind of bargains can you find online? If you use eBay, then you aware that you can pretty much buy anything from clothes, technical goods, furniture and cars etc. If getting fit in 2017 is your new year’s resolution then get browsing for treadmills, exercise bikes and weight benches etc. No doubt you will find them much cheaper online.

Where can I find deals online? There are so many websites you can choose from such as eBay, Amazon and Gumtree. There is also Freecycle. This is a website that allows you to get items for free (no catch). It is also an easy way to get rid of unwanted old items such as furniture.  You can now even shop on Facebook thanks to Facebook marketplace.

There you have it! You don’t have to miss out on a bargain online simply because it’s too far away and getting it delivered is too much of an expense. All you need to do is list it on Shiply for free quotes and in the process, you will save yourself a lot of hassle and money. Happy Browsing!

Get into Gear: Here’s What You Need to Know While Commuting Via Motorbike

As winter winds down and spring begins to bloom, it becomes the perfect time of year to get on your motorcycle and explore your surroundings. Whether your motorbike is purely used for joyrides or you use it daily for your commute to and from work or school, there are some things you should consider as far as gear goes.

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