Road Trips With Kids: How to Keep them Distracted and Happy

Family road trips tend to follow a predictable pattern. Kids start out buzzing with energy and excitement, then by 20 or 30 minutes into the trip it’s all but vanished. That’s usually when the fighting, whining and endless queries of “Are we there yet? When will we be there?” begin. Read more

3 Tips for Staying Safe While Traveling Abroad

Traveling can be a fun way to experience other parts of the world and get a glimpse at other cultures. However, when you’re away from home, you can also look like a very easy target. And if something happens to you while traveling, whether it’s getting robbed or otherwise taken advantage of, it could really ruin your trip. So to help make your travels positive experiences to remember, here are three tips for staying safe while traveling abroad. Read more

What’s the Difference: Kiteboarding Vs. Kitesurfing

Kitesurfing. Kiteboarding. Many people tend to conflate the two, but they’re not exactly alike. If you’re all about active sports that really get your adrenaline going, you’ll want to know more about these exciting, airborne activities. High-energy sports are a great way to burn off stress and calories, too. In the interest of helping our reader learn to fly with glory, grace and safety, we are pleased to present to following reliable information. Read more

A Natural High: 3 Adrenaline-Powered Vacations

For those in recovery from drug addiction, it can seem as though nothing will ever be fun again. There’s a reason for that – many of the most powerful drugs, the uppers that make people feel so good, result in dopamine depletion. This means that your brain is essentially flushed of some of the neurotransmitters that make you feel happy. It just can’t get the signal across.

Read more

Book a package holidays or do it yourself, you can still save money?

When looking at booking a holiday one of the biggest decisions is whether or not you book a package holiday or look at doing the grunt work yourself to help save on travel agency fees. However regardless of which package you go for, there are ways you can save money on your holidays. Read more

Money Saving Tips For Your Vacation

Many people try to budget for their trip only to find that they aren’t successful in their efforts.  Even though they have every intention of trying to save pennies on their travels, they aren’t exactly sure where they should cut their costs.  Because of this lack of information not only do they not save, but they often end up spending more than they even have, going into debt only to come home from their trip stressed out. Read more

Sober Travel Resorts For Vacation In Recovery

It can be very difficult to decide on a destination for traveling when a person is in recovery from a life-altering addiction.  It does not make sense to invest time and money into a vacation to one of the many party meccas of the world, but knowledge of sober locations is often in short supply.   Read more