Choose Unique Jewellery that Sparkles Like Your Personality

Picking out that perfect, one-of-a-kind jewelry piece can be frustrating. There are so many styles to choose from among other important factors. Just one of these factors could be a woman wanting to wear certain pieces of jewelry to protect herself from dark energies, for example, these bracelets can keep your inner demons at bay and improve your positive energies. Here are some useful tips to choose jewelry that fits your unique personality and style.


Think about the kind of person you are. For example, are you intelligent and smart or are you a free spirit? You may enjoy exploring different cultures through jewelry or you could be into high fashion. It’s probably easier to know yourself by being yourself.

Outfit Compatibility

Think about the outfit you’ll be wearing when you go out. While large hoop earrings and a plain gold necklace would look fabulous with a little black dress at a dinner party, a statement piece may be great for another event. Different colours and cuts of jewelry may be a wonderful idea for those who like to try new things.

For instance, if you’re someone who loves a bit of glitz and glam in their ornaments, you can go for some diamond studded jewellery like bracelets, chains and necklaces. You can even go crazy and crank it up a notch by including something like the Agoradiant custom grillz to your collection! But should I curate specific outfits to match them? Not really! Grillz and other blingy jewelry can fit well with urban streetwear styles, upscaled luxurious outfits or some stylish and attention-grabbing costumes.

Event Coordination

Consider the event you’ll be attending. It could be casual like the bookstore or a formal church outing. Mitchum Jewelers has sparkling wedding bands, fashion jewelry and watches if you’re getting married or for other special occasions. Your outfit must be appropriate to the place you’re going so you fit in properly.

High Quality

Some jewellery can fade with time so choosing the best quality could be a good investment for your future. A reputable source like Mitchum Jewelers, who’ve been around for over 50 years, has earned customers’ trust and respect through experience. Be knowledgeable about metals like the purity of silver, platinum or gold. Plating deteriorates as it wears away.

Less is Often More

Wearing excessive jewelry pieces will make a statement that you’re trying too hard. Instead, you can try a statement piece to stand out and add more jewels if necessary. Assess your look in a mirror or ask someone how your outfit looks overall and if you’re overdoing it. Sometimes another person notices things about you that you don’t realize.

Go For It

Making a real fashion statement with the perfect jewelry often requires you to be daring. Try something new with bold pieces or soft hues. Fashion is all about looking your best and having fun with it. Bring out your personal qualities with a stand-out ring and be social. As a quiet individual, you can still express yourself by choosing something more neutral but pretty.

It may be smart to be informed and educated on how to choose jewelry before you go buy it. Especially if you don’t have much time. You’ll also have less confusion on what to search for.