The Best Breast Support

The Best Breast Support

Backache, shoulder pain, neck ache, feeling tender, aching, sagging, the list goes on. These are all common symptoms when a woman lacks breast support. It’s understood that women are very aware of these issues but persist to abuse their bust. Here are some advantages of having breast support: reduced soreness, can make large women look smaller and small-busted women look bigger, improved posture and an overall a boost in confidence and positive vibes. To expand on the last point, here is an example, having a well-fitting set of bras, whatever that means to you, makes you feel good! The softness and the fabrics feel amazing when they hit your skin. This feeling is comparable to getting in a bed with clean sheets. Now that we have established the advantages, here are few top tips for you to get the best breast support possible.

Breast Support Band

Breast Support Bands are on the up. They are described by Boobuddy, a company that produces Breast Support Band, as  ‘The most unique and robust way to reduce breast bounce.’ We completely agree! This innovation supplies a handful of benefits from preventing injury, pain, ligament damage and sagging. This is something recommended if you’re heavily involved in health and fitness. As mentioned, all you large breasted women out there will benefit in confidence and even in performance. This is something you should try out if you’re an active person, they bring something new to the table for fitness accessories.

Sports Bra.

If Breast Support Bands don’t tickle your fancy, you should consider investing in a quality sports bra. Likewise, with the band, sports bras offer support during your exercise and minimize breast movement. Even if you were to invest in a Breast Support Band it would still be recommended that you purchase a sports bra as they regulate sweat and temperature control. Some sports bras even have storage compartments for your mobile phones, gym membership card etc. The main downside of sports bras is that they are rather expensive, even more so than a Breast Support Band. A surprising number of women wear sports bras purely for their own comfort

Get your bra size measured

According to the University of Portsmouth over 70 percent of women are reported to be wearing the wrong bra size.  As this article has touched on several times, wearing the right size bra will increase your overall health, well-being, and mood. Ensure that the band, cup, underwire, front and straps all fit appropriately. Get that tape measure out and find out your true size. Remember, bra sizes may be different from shop to shop. Rigby & Peller conducted a survey with over 2,000 women and left with some interesting statistics. 1/3 of women discard a bra always immediately after purchase if it doesn’t fit properly, so don’t waste your money on bras that don’t fit ladies. Your comfort and health should be your number 1 priority when looking for a bra.

This article was created to help increase awareness for women to take action and responsibility to look after their bust. If you follow the advice given in this article, more than likely, there will be a significant improvement in the many departments covered throughout.

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