8 Tips When Taking a Pet Holiday In United Kingdom

Taking the family pet along on a trip can be a lot of fun. The kids often enjoy having the dog come along when we take trips, they can spend a good hour just throwing a ball with our dog Max (and gives us a welcome break too!). Unfortunately, from what I’ve heard and have found out, many pet owners begin the trip unprepared for what lies ahead and the dog, the family, and the vacation all suffer as a result. Here are eight things to keep in mind when you are planning a trip with the family dog.

  • You need to have a crate available on your trip to put your dog in when it can’t be roaming about. Don’t make the mistake of using a crate that is too small. Your pup may have to be left in the crate for an extended period and should at least be able to get up and move around a little.
  • A visit to the vet is a good idea before a trip. Some carriers and hotels require a certification of good health from a vet when travelling by plane.
  • Some people give their dogs tranquillizers to keep them calm during travel, but this is not a good idea. The pet is already agitated, and these drugs can cause heart and respiratory problems. If you’re travelling by air, some airlines even require you to confirm that the dog has not been given any drugs before they will allow them to board.
  • Make sure your dog’s ID tag and chip are up to date in case they get lost or are stolen. Also, if hotels become suspicious of your relationship to the dog, you may need to confirm the information.
  • If you are travelling during times of extreme temperatures, consider leaving your pet behind. Consult your vet if you are unsure whether your pet can handle the trip. If you must travel with the pet, choose a travel time that minimises exposure to the extreme temperatures; early in the morning or at night will help to beat the heat and during the day to beat the cold.
  • If travelling by car with your pet, don’t let them stick their head out the window. At high speeds, a small piece of debris can easily injure or blind a dog. Reserve this treat for more leisurely drives at slower paces and with little obstructions.
  • Keep in mind that airbags can injure or kill dogs just like children. If your car is equipped with a passenger side airbag, make the dog ride in the back seat or switch the airbag off.
  • It’s best for your pet to travel on an empty stomach. Give them only water for a few hours before the trip. This will help avoid nausea and unwanted bowel movements.

Which Airlines allow Pets?

If you are choosing not to enjoy a holiday in the UK and are instead taking your pet abroad, there are certain airlines which allow pets in transit. British Airways allow them to travel in the cabin, while most others will allow pets to be checked into the hold as long as appropriate documents are provided.

Travelling abroad with a pet can cause a great amount of distress to them during the journey. If you are thinking of taking a pet friendly holiday, consider dog friendly cottages in the UK first. iKnow-UK always has fantastic offers on accommodation around the country, we’ve used them a few times now. Thanks to the increase in demand for pet friendly holidays, lots of hotels now offer pet friendly options and rooms in a range of locations.